I've been making jewelry since I was a child, drawn to sparkling beads in vibrant, multihued colors. This love of creating beautiful ornaments has only intensified as I've grown, and there's something supremely satisfying about watching your imagination come to life, sometimes in unexpected ways.

In college, I learned to do beadwork, starting with traditional Native American stitches and progressing to contemporary ones. Brick stitch, diagonal stitch (traditionally called peyote stitch), lace tatting beadwork, bead embroidery, and French flower beading on wire are only a few of the stitches that I've become addicted to.

However, as the new millennium dawned, I found myself drawn to silver clay. Called Precious Metal Clay™ and Art Clay Silver™ by the two primary manufacturers, silver clay is fine silver powder in an organic binder, and can be sculpted just like ordinary clay. When it is fired in a kiln, the organic binder burns away and the result is a fine silver piece. From there, it can be polished, antiqued, and even enameled.

I use a variety of materials to sculpt and detail my pieces, including rubber stamps, leather punches, texture plates, scalpel blades, and a variety of handmade tools. Some pieces are set with semi precious or lab created stones, glass cabochons, or porcelain components. Each piece is hand finished, and lovingly assembled into beautiful, unique jewelry.

A few years ago, I also learned how to make glass beads using lampworking techniques. By melting glass rods in a flame, and winding the molten colors around a stainless steel rod, I create truly unique glass beads. Many of these beads are featured in my jewelry, and even sold loose as sets for use in your own creations. I've found I'm quite addicted to it!

Although I do keep a portfolio of all my pieces, including ones that have been sold, each piece is one of a kind, due to natural variations inherent in its creation. I welcome commissions and custom work, so if you see something you like or have an idea that you'd love to see realized, please contact me with any inquiries or questions.

Thank you for visiting, and have fun exploring!

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