All Art Glass tops handmade by the Artist, Disa Baylis, at Anderson Alley in Rochester, NY

Rather than reusing a cork, dress up your bottles with these unique handmade bottle stoppers!

Each glass top is individually hand crafted, and no two pieces will ever be completely identical, even within each category. Not only does this make each bottle stopper a truly one of a kind work of art, itís functional art that can be used in wine bottles, cooking oil and vinegars, or even liquor decanters, guaranteeing years of enjoyment.

Matching wine glass charms available. See example.

All tops are flame worked by the artist (me), and created using various types of glass and metals. The base features solid construction, a brilliant chrome shine, and a series of rubber rings to ensure it fits in any bottle. They are hand washable, and heirloom quality. To learn how more about how these are made, see my Techniques page. For other care guidelines, please read my Jewelry Care page.

The following gallery shows many different styles. Images are not life sized. The chrome base is 2 3/4" long, and the tops range from approximately 3/4" to 1 1/2", with the average being around 1". I've worked hard to display the colors accurately, but some monitors vary. Please excuse the scanner glare.

Some of these specific bottle stoppers are sold, but I may have others or have them on my To Do list. Email me to find out more, and please let me know which youíre interested in.


Chocolate and wine are a match made in heaven!

Chocolate truffles, with milk chocolate or white chocolate swirls ~ $32
Chocolate covered cherries (featured in 3-D relief) ~ $42

Graffiti Bottle Stoppers

The Ultimate Doodle! Lines and dots of color are individually placed in a freeform, yet complex manner, and left partially raised for a great texture. These are some of my favorites, and I think some of the most creative.

Here are the most recent:
Solid background, solid lines ~ $37
Specialty background, specialty lines ~ $42 and up

Jeweled Bottle Stoppers

Designed to look like jewels or precious stones dug from the earth.

Here is a selection of the most recent ones. Go to the Gallery to see more:

Jewels (many colors available)
One color ~ $37
Multiple colors ~ $42 and up

Faux Opals ~ $35
Special glass bursts into blooms of color, mimicking fine opals.
Featured on either a black, white, or ivory background.

Faux Turquoise ~ $37

Faux Stone
Single stone ~ $47
Double stone ~ $74

Confetti Bottle Stoppers

Colors glitter on the surface, or are encased in clear for astounding depth.
Many colors and color blends available.

Surface Decoration ~ $37
Encased in clear ~ $47
Encased in clear, with top tier ~ $52 and up

Cosmic Dreams

Nebulas, Galaxies, Starscapes ~ $52 and up
Two Tier Cosmic Winestoppers ~ $74 and up
Metals and glass create cosmic scenes.

Dreamscapes ~ $52 and up
Deceptively simple in appearance, some of the most expensive glass available is used to create mesmerizing swirls.

Precious Metals

Precious metals, such as fine silver, 22k gold, palladium and moon gold (which is an amalgam of 24k gold and palladium) is encased in clear to preserve their glimmer for eternity.

Available in many base colors:
Fine Silver ~ $47 and up
22k Gold, Moon Gold, Palladium ~ $52 and up


Blooms, featuring various colors
Clear or etched ~ $52 and up

Trees ~ $47 and up

Four Seasons ~ $62

Sunsets ~ $74 and up

Bonfire ~ $57

Waves ~ $57

Four Elements ~ $74

Random Designs

I always make a few things that just refuse to be categorized.

Ribbons ~ $42 and up
Brilliantly hued glass is swirled with a hand-twisted ribbon spiral

Tie Dye

Bright stripes of sparkling transparent colors. Many colors available.

Single Tier ~ $47 and up
Two Tier ~ $74 and up

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